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Projet: Talk show club de la presse "Urubuga rw'itangazamakuru"

Activité:Summary of weekly radio talk-show « Emission Club de la Presse: "Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru "


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The Office of the Auditor General has released a 2019 report that indicates more wasteful expenditure of public funds especially in Government Business Enterprises (GBEs).

On May 15, 2020 submitting to both chambers of Parliament the audit report of the year 2019, the Auditor General (AG) said he needs lawmakers to use their mandate to change the current poor trend on how public finances are managed. 

The audit conducted during the period from May 2019 to April 2020 showed that the irregularities in year 2019 cost the government Rwf8.6 billion of money wasted from Rwf5.6 billion in the year 2018.

The 48 public institutions are expected to shed light on the issues raised by the Auditor General in his 2019/2020 report.

Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru  “Club de la Presse” talk show  broadcasted  on  Sunday  26th July2020, in synergy by 10 radio stations  and one Television (TV Isango star), in all the provinces  of the country  focused on "The role of public institutions in implementing the recommendations of the Auditor General."

Invitees :

1.  NKOMEZI Gentil/Office of Auditor General

2.  Hon. MUHAKWA Valens/ Public Accounts Committee

3.  GATANAZI Etienne/Analyst

The representative from the Office of the Auditor General described the process by which they report to the parliament, saying that since they began making these reports, there has been a lot of change as the number of misdemeanors has been reduced, as well as misappropriation of public funds.  The cases are declining over the years because people know that public funds will be held accountable for how they use it.

 Hon Muhakwa Valens, the president of Public Accounts Committee said it had risen against the embezzlement of public funds, saying that even the so-called big fish who misuse public funds are now being held accountable, assuring that anyone found guilty of misappropriation of public funds would be held accountable and prosecuted, according to the Parliament.

Analyst Gatanazi Etienne said that despite these actions, some authorities or companies seem to be feared by prosecution and other concerned institutions on this issue.  He gave an example of Rwanda Energy Group ( REG) which  have not yet submitted their 2018 reports and   still they the government continue to give them another year's budget.

On this issue of REG, the invitee from PAC explained that it is impossible to stop the budget because when it is done to  institutions like REG,   all the citizens would  immediately at risk of losing electricity  however he said that  employees who do not fulfill their responsibilities will be held accountable and lose their jobs

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