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Projet: Talk show club de la presse "Urubuga rw'itangazamakuru"

Activité:Summary of weekly radio talk-show « Emission Club de la Presse: "Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru "


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COVID-19 is a unique and severe health and economic crisis that is changing our lives. Three things make it unique. First, it is a rolling combination of a health pandemic and an economic crisis.

Second, the crisis has turned global in record time. Third, it is both a demand and supply side shock to all the major economies.

Responding to the catastrophic impact of coronavirus requires a coordinated response at both the global and local levels. COVID-19 is one of the most vicious contemporary threats to the human stability, national security and development.

“Urubuga rw'Itangazamakuru” talk show (Club de la Presse) of this Sunday 15-03-2020  broadcasted in synergy by ten radios from all regions of the country and a Television (TV Isango star), focused on “COVID-19: Economic impact, human solutions”


  1. Dr BIHIRA Canisius/Sociologist 
  2. RUZIGA Emmanuel Masantura /Analyst in economy

Appel téléphonique:

  1. Rev.Prof. NDIKUMABA Viateur /Analyst in Education
  2. SINABUBARAGA Ildephonse/Journalist

 Deep financial and private sector distress:  The invitee Emmanuel Ruziga Masantura explained how financial and corporate sectors are likely to suffer large scale deterioration. Markets have taken a big hit, financial systems are under stress, and banks are likely to see huge pressures on their balance sheets. Private firms are being hurt by the collapse in demand.

The world will have to bear the consequences of the coronavirus for years if the policy response is late, weak, or uncoordinated. Pandemics, economic downturns, and financial crises are mutually dependent.

Cash-strapped individuals and low-income earners are grounded in their home without any income for living. If the economic suffering is prolonged and as deep as expected, this will hurt people especially the poor. He said that tourism sector has 49% of the state revenue and Rwanda will undergo effects because all activities related to tourism and hospitality have been stalled.

Health and social protection: The invitee Dr Bihira Canisious said that these are the priority government policies, ranging from testing and treatment, to hiring new medical staff, to expanding social assistance and implementing cash transfers to households. He also advised Rwandans to reduce fun activities like night clubs that take unnecessary expenses while they do not even have savings.

SINABUBARAGA Ildephonse, the senior journalist and managing director of Ishingiro radio in Northern Province via phone call said that the rapidly spreading worldwide coronavirus epidemic threatens numerous economic activities. He added that the National Bank of Rwanda should think of reductions in collateral requirements, easy and soft the loan repayment.

The conclusion was that the government should do its best to limit the health, economic, financial, and corporate distress and everyone should think twice before using money for unnecessary expenses.





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