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The number of teenage pregnancies has been on the rise since 2018, despite government efforts to empower and support girls. In the Village Kigaga Cell Makera sector of Cyeza district of Muhanga southern province of Rwanda citizens has strict strategies to fight child sexual abuse


Nyiraminani Beatrice Representative of the National Women's Council, in the kigaga village, cell makera, cyeza sector, in the fight against violence against women and girls, says that she faithfully listens to the program Urubuga rw'itangazamakuru via Radio Huguka, a community radio partner of the Panos Grands Lacs Institute. "Since we heard the talk show of 10-10-2021 that focused on 'Strategies to fight child sexual abuse' she said, 'We have taken action to eradicate these crimes.

Indeed, we have sensitized the parents and have brought the children together to tell them about this danger that awaits them, in each cell we have responsible people to ensure that there are no children who are mistreated. We asked the parents to stand up as one to fight against these crimes.”

“- We asked children and parents to break up the silence, to come and file a complaint so that the suspect is punished. Since we heard this talk show and we have educated parents and children, today everyone feels responsible for protecting the child.” She continues

KabasengaEpiphany she is the Kigaga cell leader she says that after community work she sensitizes the inhabitants of her cell

“We have asked anyone who sees a child who has been raped to keep the signs that will serve as evidence, go see the health workers without changing the child's clothes to keep the signs of this violence. »

the past, parents did not plead when their child faced abuse for,they thought it may be a shame that result psychological and mental disorder to victims of rape. Kabasengaepiphany continues to saythatthey have sensitized the population thatitisvery important to advocate and go quickly to seehealthworkers to preventsexuallytransmitteddiseases.

Tuyisenge Jean Claudea resident of the Kigaga cell says that every week they organize a meeting of young people and tell them about this danger of having sex at early age and ask them to break the silence and file a complaint once they have a sexual abuse.

The other witness to the measures taken to eradicate this sexual violence against children is Mukamurenzi Bernadette, a Kigaga cell.  Being a member of Inshutiz’umuryango initiative (that helps families in conflict resolutions) she says that during these holidays the put children in group discussion to teach them and create awareness about sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy.

“Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru talkshow is like a training we start from the ideas advanced during the show and they help us during the sensitization of our community”

Ndekezi Pascal from Kigaga village says the show woke them up by talking about child sexual abuse.


“This show awakened us up and taughtus to not tolerate the child abuse issue e. The measures taken is that we created more awareness to children to not accept gifts from people who are not their parents.”

The sensitization made by administrative officials made the citizens of the village KigagacellueMakera sector Cyeza district of Muhanga in the southern province of Rwanda feel mobilized to fight against this violence.

They testify that there is a positive behaviorchange after the measures taken “In our community we have meetings called akagorobakabavyeyi and we denounce these crimes of violence against children.

The most recent case is that citizens themselves have called Rwanda investigation Bureau to arrest the self-proclaimed Rukacira(A man who forcibly take advantages of young girls) when they saw him forcing agirl to enter in his house.

“We saw him forcing that young girl entering in his house while we knew that last year, he impregnated his neighbor’s daughter who currently has an eight-month-old baby. We did our part a parent to bring him to justice so that he may be an example of ending impunity.