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Public transport in Kigali had been a hot topic for many years despite the various measures proposed without giving the expected results.

This has led to long queues in bus parks and at different bus stops in the city, a situation that worsened during peak hours - early morning when people are commuting to work and late in the evening as they return home.

After the talk show of 7th August which was about the issue of public transport in Kigali, The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has given Volcano Limited a green light to start operating new routes in the City of Kigali  to curb the public transport crisis.

Volcano Express, a public transport company with strongholds on the route Kigali-Huye as new transport operators joined the three companies namely Royal Express, Kigali Bus Service, and Jali Transport Limited, which is formerly Rwanda Federation of Transport Cooperatives (RFTC).

Since 8th August 202, Volcano Express plies  Remera – Town, Remera – Special Economic Zone, Remera – Bwerankori, Remera -Nyabugogo, Remera – Busanza and Rubilizi – Nyabugogo.

A month after this change,  passengers  are happy that the time of waiting is now short.

  "we welcomed the  solution to the problem.  Before Volcano stared operating  we could wait for the bus for more than 4 hours but now we don't wait more than 30 minutes.” Said a kindergarten teacher who everyday takes the bus from  Remera to Gikondo

Emmanuel Havugimana  takes the bus from Remera to Nyanza car park as he  lives in Bugesera district.

 He appreciate  Urubuga rw'itangazamakuru program  saying it is a voice of the people,

“I can testify that  70%,  the problem has been resolved. Previously we used to even wait for 3 hours but now in 30 minutes  we can get a bus!! He said with  smile

“   I’m very happy that volcano has started operating in the City of Kigali, we have been suffering a lot to an extent that some of us have been sacked by our bosses due reaching work late. We also thank RURA that has initiated this solution to the problem.

The agent of the Royal  Express Agency  said that there are  positive changes  that  came just after the talk show. 

“With the admission of Volcano Express,  some buses from other agencies have been assigned to other routes   that had few buses.” He said

 He gave an example of  Kigali bus Services  which had 2 buses for route Remera-Nyanza and after the change the number doubled

“The route had only two buses but now they have four,which means that  the more number of buses increase, the more waiting time reduces.”