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During Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru talk show of 13th March 2022 that focused on  cross border movement after land border reopening; the guests appreciated the wiling of Rwandan government to open borders for people and goods movement, however they argued to ease conditions for travellers.
They argued that Rwanda’s full reopening of its border with Uganda has not yet yielded the positive expected results of more flow of goods, even as there persist unresolved contentious issues between the two sides
The audience reaction was to inquire the Rwandan government to allow Ugandan goods to cross to Rwanda and to facilitate cross-border requirements, including PCR test on Uganda side; allow the use of IDs and a day pass (Jeton) at the DRC borders saying that it would facilitate the movement for small traders
After this talk show the situation was improved as Uganda removed COVID-19 PCR test requirements for fully vaccinated travelers entering via land borders. Rwandan are now allowed to buy, carry goods for family consumption from Uganda.
The residents of Gicumbi district, Cyumba sector,near Gatuna border post are happy to be able to cross the border into the neighboring country  Uganda. 
The  border communities witnessed a cut cost of goods prices of basic commodities after the resumption of trade.
Umutoni Diane sells vegetables and fruits in the Gatuna cross-border  market , she is delighted that after the reopening of the border the customers have returned, Ugandans and Rwandans are buying and she manages to have money.
“I can now sell my products to Ugandans,  border service personnel known as declarants  and travelers as well.”
This vendor is also delighted to be able to cross the border to visit family members who live in Uganda, “my aunt lives in Uganda, I am happy that today I can go visit her”

Mugisha Emile  has a  has a business  of a bar at  Gatuna border, he afirms that his business reborn because after the border was closed he had difficulty-finding customers.
“ Today I manage to have Ugandan and Rwandan clients and I hope to rebuild my business.” He says.
The border community and Rwandans in general are happy to see Ugandan products like Highland milk, Movit jelly, Juices ect back on Rwandan market 
However, the movement of people is no longer as before the border was closed, say some of the inhabitants of this border 
Vivianne  a retailler who he carries goods from  Uganda and sells them in Rwanda  says that the reason is that, although the border has been opened, and the PCR Covid-19 test is no longer required, people are still obliged to do a screening for covid19 for 5000 Rwandan francs.
A staff of Different, one of the bus companies, told the journalist  that the company had recorded an 80%  increase in passengers since the reopening of the border.
In one of the buses from Kigali to the border, Thabitha Mujawamariya, an entrepreneur who used to trade in fruits and vegetables between Uganda and Rwanda before the border was closed, said she had moved her business to Kigali although it was not as profitable as before. She is planning to apply for a bank loan and resume her cross-border business.
Before the border was closed in 2019 due to political standoff between Uganda and Rwanda, Gicumbi district heavily depended on Uganda for flour and fish produce.
Farmers also sold the bulk of their beans production to Uganda. Since 2019, farmers and traders have resorted to other internal markets.