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The Minister of Local Government  Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi has September 11, 2022  had  a three-day retreat with the local leaders in Gakenke district.

This was after a call made by citizens during  Club de la Presse talk show of March 2022 where they claimed bad service delivery  by local government  officials.

“We had previously had trouble getting services in the administrations, we were given several appointments without having services, we were  used to be told that the people in charge were not around, and a week could pass without having services.

Currently we are receiving services on time, after the visit of the Minister; they leaders do outreach programs to hear  problems . I thank Club e la Presse program  for helping us to  make our voices heard . Says Ryumugabe Jean Damascène,

Another citizen Gasasira Onesphore applauds the role played by Club de la Presse talk show and its impact in the daily lives of citizens

“The show played a big role in advocacy, there were issues of gender based violence in families,  the lack of access to services, but due to the show,  many problems have been solved, the leaders  visited homes in conflicts and also solved raised problems.  He said”

Mutuminka Delphine Executive Secretary of Rusangara cell, Gakenke sector in Gakenke District said that after the minister's descent they changed their way of doing things.

" We learned and understood that citizens welfare and good service delivery must be  on the list of  a leader's priority. Days Delphine

“We note the importance of the Club de la Presse talk show  because it makes it possible to highlight problems that may be escaped the leaders as they are raised through this channel. When we notice a problem in our administrative area we rush to the field to  see if what they said  matches reality and find out solutions .” She added.

However, she advised  journalists to  take into consideration information balance  by cross-checking the information given by citizens and complete the story with information from leaders side.