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IPGL in partnership with ARJ organised one day workshop for Club de la Presse talk show presenters, focal points and editorial meeting team. The work shop took place at Rwanda Media Commission conference hall on 4th November 2021.

The journalists are happy to have attended the workshop for it helped them to learn skills to overcome the challenges they had been facing in reporting and preparation of Club de la Presse Talk show.

“The workshop was an opportunity to learn how to gather interviews, prepare a live debate show and other relevant data from the population” Said Samuel Kwizera from Radio Voice of Africa

The training was organised with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands; coordinated by Institut Panos Grands Lacs and facilitated by a media expert and lecturer at School of Journalism and Communication, University of Rwanda 

The purpose of this workshop was to workshop highlight challenges faced in implementation of Club de la Presse talk show and a coaching session on techniques to overcome those challenges. The workshop had two sessions: the coaching and focus group discussions.

 The coaching session was about presentation of some techniques to prepare a news story and reporting.

The main points discussed were:

  • Knowing your audience  needs
  • Source of information
  • Selection of a topic
  • Upgrade the story at National level

The focus group discussion was about highlighting challenges faced in implementation of Club de la Presse talk show and propose solutions. The participants were divided into 3 focus groups and each group has to make a short presentation of their work.

The discussion focused on 3 key elements of the talk show

  1. Preparation
  2. Presentation
  3. Engaging the audience/ feedback.

The recommendations given after this session are


  1. It would be mandatory for  talk show presenters to attend the editorial meeting
  2. The show director ( réalisateur) should give guidelines to focal points who conduct interviews and vox pops,
  3. Every editorial meeting team member should come with a story idea
  4. The talk show must start on time
  5. The invitations to talk show guest should be sent the next day after the editorial meeting so that the follow up may be done on time.
  6. Presenters should take time for documentation and prepare together the talk show


  1. The studio hub should improve sound, images and bring wireless microphones ( micro-carvate)
  2.  There should be a screen in front of presenters (screens retour) to enable them see how they are moderating the talk show.
  3. The presenters should give time each other to ask questions to guests
  4. There should be a way for presenters to communicate with control room
  5. It is imperative that show director is present at studio hub ( avoid ghost  show director)

Feedback/Engaging audience

  • Give sufficient time to the audience ( phone call)
  • Read  messages from social media
  • Prepare more  public debates  so that citizens may participate live in the talk show

Presentation after focus group discussion

The workshop facilitator argued journalists to make Club de la Presse a model talk show in the country and take advantage of its specialty of having a big media   in the country; and use leant skills in their respective media houses.

The participants argued IPGL to organize such kind of workshop every year. 

Group photo after workshop