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During the talk show of 27th February 2022, that discussed on the citizens’ participation in the government budget planning process;

Citizens through vox pops, call-ins and messages, said their contribution to the budgeting is too small and that in some areas they are not given the opportunity to comment.

The residents of Bweramana sector in Ruhango district, Southern Province are delighted to be currently consulted by the local leaders, in the preparation of the national budget.

According to witnesses interviewed, consultation by the local leaders begins at the cell level and continues to sectors up to the district. Currently according to the inhabitants of the Bweramana sector, during the exchange sessions with the local leaders, citizens ideas are considered and their proposed activities are included in the budget.

Nyirangendahimana Pélagie is happy  that after the talk show, leaders organsed a  discussion session with citizens which was an opportunity for the residents of Bweramana sector to  give their proposal that the budget  planning  should include the construction of a bridge over the Rurongora stream which will facilitate traffic of people.

“I am happy that our proposals have been included in the budget,  and the better is that our partucuation in budget planing was no limited in  proposal but also in implementation!”  Says Pelagie

“For example, we have also requested for the rehabilitation of the houses for the vulnerable families; through community work (umuganda) we made bricks and collected stones while from the budget leaders brought materials like iron sheets to make roofs.”

Rwema Justin says that after the talk show, the collaboration between the citizens and leaders has improved

"They approached us and asked if we have any necessary proposals that will be considered in the preparation of the national budget, we proposed projects that we need, such as the rehabilitation of the road which comes from Ruhango main road to Gitwe center; and we are happy that our proposal is approved for the next fiscal year budget!!” He Spoke

The fact that the road has been included in the budget has pleased the people as it will facilitate the transport from Ruhango Gitwe center which hosts the district hospital and   Gitwe University

Karemera Edouard says that previously the administrators presented them with a plan already made of what will be done in the national budget, but for the moment, "the administrators come to meet us in our cells and ask us to propose activities that will be considered in preparation of the National Budget »

Habanabakize Jason says that through Club de la Presse talk show they also citizens learned how they can present their proposals. “This talk show helped us to give adequate proposals”

  Habanabakize specifies that the leaders collect proposals from cell level, sector level then at the district level. Then after the recapitulation, they select the proposals that have come back several times, those will be given priority.