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Case studies

NEC apprécie le rôle joué par l’IPGL pour les assises de la présidentielle d’août 2017

Le Secrétaire Exécutif de la Commission Electorale Nationale (NEC) Charles Munyaneza loue les efforts de l’Institut Panos Grands Lacs (IPGL) pour les assises de la présidentielle du 04 août 2017.

En direct

Dans le cadre du Projet Infos Grands Lacs qui a débuté en janvier 2015, l'Institut Panos Grands Lacs publie une étude du secteur médiatique au Burundi, au Rwanda et au Sud Kivu

Les dernières productions

  • 26/01/2021

    The Government of Rwanda has temporarily closed schools in the City of Kigali in a bid to curb the new Coronavirus.

    The Ministry of Education on 17th January 2021 announced that all schools in Kigali, from nursery to secondary will close doors for at least two weeks amid growing cases of COVID-19, following reports of several schools reporting positive cases.

  • 19/01/2021

    After four years of President Donald Trump, the US is gearing up for a new leader on 20 January.

    Donald Trump rejected the outcome of the 2020 election and promised further legal challenges as Democrats and liberal groups celebrated Joe Biden’s victory.

  • 13/01/2021

    Rwanda currently has its highest number of patients in critical condition since the New Coronavirus outbreak in March, with more than 40 people currently being given oxygen in treatment centres, in what seems to be a more worrying situation.

    Since November last year, more COVID-19 patients are ending up on assisted breathing and critical care than before.

  • 07/01/2021

    The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has scheduled local leaders’ election to 6 February – 2 March 2021, while the current elected local leaders including mayors, vice mayors and grassroots leaders will end their term in office a week earlier. 

    “The biggest elections will be for Mayors and vice mayors, they will be elected on 2nd March, after the council of women, the council of disabled people and council of youth, all on the district and country-level will also be elected that very day.

  • 30/12/2020

    Elections constitute an important element in liberal democracy. They are a viable means of ensuring the orderly process of leadership succession and change and an instrument of political authority and legitimation. The failure of elections or their absence largely defines the predominance of political dictatorships and personalized rule in Africa. The current wave of democratic enthusiasm has evoked a process of competitive and multiparty elections.